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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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. because it shows they are causes trouble. >> tonight, the new evidence tonight three violent robbers are still on the loose. a 4th was shot and killed at the scene. do the police have any leads? >> reporter: pam police say they are looking for a mid-90s
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white four door sedan and police remain on scene here this evening hours and hours after this has happened. they are still inside that golden nugget treasure jewelry store where four men stormed in earlier today. it's a jewelry heist gone bad. one shot was fired inside the golden treasure jewelry store after four armed robbers stormed their way inside. police won't say who fired the shot, an employee or the owner. then the suspect ran out, through the parking lot and collapsed in the middle of the boulevard. the other suspects got away. there were no customers inside the store at the time of the shooting. >> i thought -- there was -- there was several police agencies responding to both the person in the middle of the road and making a crime scene
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then the helicopters searching and all that. >> reporter: police won't say if the suspects made off with anything. they also have a no information as far as the make of the car ohrt license plate on that car. they are looking for and again it's a mid90's white four door sedan. reporting live. >> a possible videotaped confession in the brutal beating a giant's fan. he was attacked at the 2011 dodgers home opener many he suffered permanent brain damage. the suspects, were in court today for their preliminary hearing. a judge is deciding if they will face trial. prosecutors revealed evidence they say was recorded while one of the suspects called his mother on the detective's phone. >> i got arrested for that
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dodger stadium thing. not much i can say i'm on the phone. yeah, i was involved. to a certain extent. >> witnesses say sanchez was the mainaa aggressor. if this case does go to trial the defense will have a hard time. >> this is one of those cases that is so emotional, a jury will look at the facts. the incident that happened in the stadium, that will show to a tryer of fact, that he has the -- that he starts trouble so as i say it's not going to be a stretch to believe that he was the one out in the parking lot that actually struck stow. >> meantime the victim is still recovering here in the bay area.
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his family said he has short term memory problems and doesn't fully understand what happened to him. and update on the story we first told you about last night the a middle school student severely beaten and bullied by an older student. this is video of what happened. it was caught on camera. tonight we spoke to the victim's mother about the school district response >> you are asking about the incident and that is accurate the student was suspended for two days. regard to further discipline are you actions in regard to this particular incident there will be no further action. >> reporter: that message from the school district angered the girl's chile. she feels the girl who beat up her daughter should be moved out of school or expelled. >> they aren't going far enough to punish the bullies and send a message to those
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thinking about bullying, two day suspension. i would do that if i'm a bully, what the heck. i get bragging rights and act like i'm tough. it's like a vacation. the parents should be held responsible. they should have to do parenting classes and force them to have to feel the bunt of it instead of only the victim and their family >> reporter: should put her daughter's story and more than 600 have signed her petition. she said the response has been overwhelming. >> we want to say thank you for supporting the cause but again its not just supporting us but actually supporting your kids, we have to change. today it's any kids, tomorrow it's yours. >> reporter: in vallejo. >> a former principal is a accused of not reporting sexual abuse allegations against a teacher 15 years ago. it allegedly happened at the
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school back in 1996. the accused teacher committed suicide. law enforcement was never told about the allegation so the case is just now being investigated. who disappeared. the 15-year-old sierra lamar went missing on march 16th. a man accused in her murder will return to court tomorrow to enter his plea. he is charged with kidnapping murder. prosecutors haven't decided on a special circumstance that could make the suspect eligible for the death penalty. authorities centering their search on waterways around morgan hill. they say the arrest has generated new tips. >> we will say in general the tips have ranged in anything from place that they think dive teams should checks where a body could be in morgan hill or
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somewhere else. >> later this week the sheriff dive team will explore several suspicious objects found by sonar on the bottom of a reservoir. the volunteer search is showing no science of slowing town. more than 100 people searched today. they didn't find anything. oa long stand off police arrested a man suspected of committing a home invasion. he was take taken into custody today around 8:30. a swat team evacuated area residents and record ordered him out of the building after firing tear gas into the home they went in and arrested him. scary moments outside an east bay school, a oakland high school student shot in the leg. it happened about 3:30. the entire school was temporarily put on lockdown as
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police searched for a gunman. no arrests have been made. the teen victim is expected it be okay. crime fighting taking flight again in oakland. despite budget issues in that city because of a ten thousand dollar donation from the nonprofit group called fueling california. the oakland police department helicopter will by restarted. bunt cuts grounded it a few years ago. and san francisco mayor has revealed a plan to hire more police, firefighters and emt. over the next six years the city would hire 450, 252 firefighters, and 20emt would be hired. right now san francisco has 200 fewer officers than the nearly 2,000 required by the city charter. in freed moment a suicide turned into a dangerous situation. residents were told to stay inside their units as hazmat
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crews investigated a chemical found in the dead woman's car. crews had to use large bag fans to clear out the fumes. in san jose a large fire destroyed one home and damaged another. authorities say the crews arrived with thick smoke and flames already spreading from the attic. one home to the roof of the home next door. the cause of that blaze is under investigation. >> warmer out there today. it'll be warmer into tomorrow. temperatures reach the upper 80's in the inland valley, 80's in the north state n the south bay. warmer into the 90's tomorrow. we will take a look at those temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood cup up. >> coming up at 11 drivers in the south bay could see new traffic delays, the metering lights up. g romney in the bay area. where he held his high end
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. new meters lights in place for drivers on interstate 280 and caltrans wans the possible traffic delays is part of a multimillion dollar project to improve safety and reduce congestion. these are the new lights at the 11th street ramp. where else you can expect to see them. >> here is a map of the area. interstate 280 southbound on- ramps now have meters lights at the following locations. maker avenue, meridian, bird, highway 87, north fiske street, 7th street and 11th street. northbound 280 will also get metering lights sometime this fall. >> new technology will help
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make buildings safer during quakes. we will tell you where in san francisco its being installed and how it works neck. . >> coming up later in the forecast can tim get it right? the a's are headed south. also the golden state warriors, how high is the draft pick. later in the broadcast.
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. decision 2012, romney is in the bay area, he was the guest of honor at a high end fundraising event. >> reporter: i'm outside the gates where the fundraiser is taking place for romney. guests are paying as much as $50,000 each for face time with the former massachusetts governor. a small group of obama supporters were also on hand to challenge romney's policies earlier in the day and romney's z9[k the price tag just a thousand dollars a head. >> the president made a friendly phone call to the gop presidential candidate today. he said that it he looked forward to an important and healthy debate about america's future and wished him and his family well during the
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campaign. new tonight at 11 seattle police say the gunman who killed four foam a cafe has died. the rampage happened not far from the university of washington. investigators say when they tracked the man down he shot himself as officers closed in. the suspect was also wanted for another murder and another carjacking. united nations monitors patrolling syria as people try to figure out a way to stop the blood shed. today 13 more bodies were found. shot execution style. this just days after an attack killed more than 100 people about half of the victims then were young children. it's in the middle of a violent up rising against the government in which thousands have been killed . a special . >> temperatures were warmer today and we will continue that warming trend into tomorrow.
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here is what you can expect. tomorrow a bit of coastal fog but it won't effect much of the bay area. temperatures will warm -- it 93 degrees in the inland valley, the averagen. to friday, still going it be warm but we will see a slight cooling, more profound cooling saturday as the fog starts to take back over. look on future cast. tomorrow morning temperatures in the 50s, 60's, the -- as we step through the morning drive the 8:00 hours temperatures warming into the 70's in a number of places, delta, the north bay. into the noon hour we will see plenty of 80s. that's the orange on the screen. you will see through much of the bay area temperatures in the 80's. closer to coastline you see that sliver of green. it'll stay cool along the immediate coastline. warm for the bayshores, right white -- representing the 90s.
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down in the south bay a few 90's. 90 loss gatos. 87 -- san jose. the inland valleys in to the 90's. 95 antioch. 92 livermore. definitely more comfortable with the east bayshores and the 70s for the most part and closer to coastline. temperatures only in the 60's. 67 san francisco, up in the north bay widespread 80's. even 90 degrees in napa. a look at the extended forecast. tomorrow a day of peak heating then we will start to cool back down. still mostly sunny for the next couple days before the fog starts to roll back in. that will cool it down significantly. continued cooling into monday but we will warm back up in to the middle of next week. >> quakes almost always on our minds and today sciencists say they are excited about new tech technology to give them more information about how buildings
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move. they are being put in at one of the tallest residential sky scrapers in country. san francisco building is also considered one of the most safe. 70 sensors will measure how it responds to movement. they say there is a 63% probablyible of a large quake hitting the bay area in the next 30 years. coming up, the usually snake bitten warriors get luck in the nba lottery. gary has details and tim pitches well but is done in by a familiar foe. gary is next.
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. tim not bad at the ballpark. you know his start has been slow coming in a record of two wins, five losses. real strong ton. seven innings, one earned run. walked five but kennedy was -- as good as tim and a step better. seven and two thirds, allowing only one run and here is the game winner. paul, his 4th career home run verses tim. that is it. tim falls to two and six, diamondbacks beat the giants 4- 1. san francisco five and a half back much the dodgers, the dodgers loose tonight and matt
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kemp pulled the same muscle that kept him on the dl for 15 days so his stats unknown. giants off tomorrow against the cubs. the bad streak for the a's continues, willingham, i guess showing everybody what he left the a's. minnesota not very good through two but they are better than oakland. here goes willingham. last night of course -- he hit a game winner. oakland with the poorest hitting team stat wise in all of major league baseball. two hours, 16 minutes, 4-0 minnesota. help on the way for bob melvin. scheduled to join the team friday but everybody is still waiting on manny. today was his 40th birthday. he spent it -- in the minor league was the sacramento river cats. here is the deal. he was eligible to come off
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wednesday, a's and manny still in the minors. he was 0-4 today with three strike outs. warriors, a part of tonight's nba lotoery. >> the 7th pick will be made by the warriors. >> there is bob myers, good for him they didn't fall. the odds said they would be the 7th and there they stood. owner . williams and crew, they will be able to pick anthony davis. could come right in and really make a franchise -- or send them in appositive direction. michael jordon charlotte team with the worst record but they get the second pick with the lottery. game two, great, celtics is and heat.
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ray allen. miami trying to go up 2-0. allen hit a three-pointer to send it to overtime. rondeo played one much the great games in playoff history. played all 53 minutes, 44 points, ten. but wade was really good. 23 points, after two point first half he was the boss. down the stretch, 23 for wade, 34 for james. miami leads 2-0 on the celtics. hockey's postseason continues to belong to the kings and here we go tonight in new jersey. in overtime tied it at one. he will the season keeps rolling. best of seven. in the finals and the 49ers claim manning was never in their sights. take it for what's it worth. harbaugh said we are always
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were counting on alex smith smith. >> good night good night everybody.
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